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Re: CO2 Comments

> BGA is a bacteria, not an algae, Dwight!

Robert, while calling it an algae might be oversimplifying things, so is
calling it a bacteria.

From a message I dug up on The Krib:
This information is from the "C.R.C. Handbook, Practical Handbook of
Microbiology".  It reads as follows:

Blue-green Algae (Cyanobacteria)
        ...As Stanier et al. originally pointed out, although they
(cyanobacteria) have cell walls similar to those of Gram-negative
bacteria, there are fundamental differences between the pigments
and overall photosynthetic processes of blue-greens and those of
phototrophic bacteria.  ...Thus, it appears that the cyanobacteria
are truly an intermediate group between the higher algae and plants
and the bacteria.  Since classifications in taxonomy should be as 
rational and useful as possible, it would seem reasonable to place
these organisms in a kingdom of their own, distinct from either the
bacteria or the higher algae."

So, you are both right, or both wrong.   For our purposes, it's more
logical to group BGA in with the algae, but it's important to remember
it's got some differences.

Chuck Gadd