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Re: Quality products

I don't think this message went through the first time I sent it.  Also,
here's a link to that eBay regulator that I mention (I'm not associated
at all with the seller):

Bruno sez:
> Are you in fact dealing with DUAL-STAGE or just DUAL-GAUGE components on these
> sites?  If you look at a picture of both single and dual stage regulators, they
> may very well look identical.  Any quality regulator from a quality
> manufacturer, is fairly expensive compared to the single-stage.  If you want
> quality, I don't see any way to get all three parts (real dual-stage regulator,
> real metering valve and good solenoid) for even close to $150.  Look at the M3
> system.  It works and works well for $150.  But it is not using a dual-stage
> regulator and it is not using a fine metering valve.

>From Dave's description, he is probably using a single stage regulator,
but it is hard to tell.  But your contrast between "any quality
regulator from a quality manufacturer" vs. "real dual-stage regulator"
is a cheap shot.  Most regulators from most manufacturers are single
stage.  It is not a quality issue, it is a specification and
requirements issue.  And I thought we established a long time ago that
all of these end-of-tank problems disappear if you don't try to run your
CO2 tank dry.

BTW, if anyone is interested, there is a Victor regulator on eBay that
is very definitely a two-stage unit, and no one is bidding on it. It is
a configuration I have never seen before, with the two stages in
separate housings; the first stage has a tank pressure guage, and the
second stage has am output pressure guage.  I can't tell what gas it is
set-up for, but your could change the fitting to CGA-320 cheaply enough.

Bob (who is using a real 2-stage regulator that I had laying around :)