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Re: Driftwood & Tannin...

Hi James,

Thanks for the response. I did a water change last night and it made a big,
big difference so I am sure that you are right. It is creeping back today
but with less vengeance.



>From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
>Subject: Re: Driftwood & Tannin...
>Paul Mouristen is worried about the tannins leaching from his newly
>installed piece of driftwood. Providing that it was obtained commercially,
>it shouldn't have any other contaminants in it (self collected driftwood
>could have, depending upon where you got it from), so just do a series of
>massive water changes. It might take a while, but eventually the rate of
>tannin release will decline and your water will no longer look brown. No
>need to add charcoal, especially right now. You would only end up wasting
>the charcoal - it will remove the color from the water, but it only has so
>much capacity to do so and I'll bet that piece of drifwood had lots and lots
>of tannin yet to leach. Water changes alone will work (patience helps as
>And you _can_ plant the tank while there are still tannins present - the
>main effect of the tannins on the plants is that they absorb so much light
>that the plants might have difficulty if the water gets too brown. Back to
>more water changes.....
>Good luck,


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