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Re: Quality Products

I've waited a bit before wading into this "Quality Products" thread, due
mainly to the fact that in some ways it sounds like folks arguing over brand
names (i.e. Fluval vs. Eheim). There is room, and plenty of customers, for
many different approaches to the hobby and quality levels of equipment.

I am (in case anyone has any doubts) one of those anal types who likes to
know the "specs" of things I buy and use. This is in part due to my desire
to know just exactly what level of use and service a particular piece of
equipment might be to me. No need to spend too much money buying
functionality or robustness that I might not need nor is it good economy to
shave pennies only to end up having to replace something within a few months
because it wasn't suited for the job I needed it for in the first place.

But that's me. Others are free to approach the hobby as they wish.

Dave Grim's comments about his Champion Lighting Blueline CO2 System (that
it was a two stage regulator) caused me to look at their web site to check
it out for myself.

No "specs" on the web site......

So I sent Champion an e-mail asking for some specifics, particularly if it
was a Single Stage Regulator or a Two Stage Regulator. I also asked for a
few other details about the system.

Champion's Customer Service certainly deserves high praise for promptness,
as I received a reply to my query overnight (and this is on a week-end).
Their response to me was (in it's entirety):

> it is a 2 stage regulator. As for the other technical questions, i can
> you it is designed for and used sucessfully to dispense CO2 for use with
> calcium reactors and Co2 reactors. Over 500 units sold in the last
> faith <g>

Ever being the "Doubting Thomas", I wondered whether or not the person who
responded to me was confusing two Gauges with two Stages, so I sent them
another message, giving the definitions of the two types of regulators.
Their second response came back within minutes:

me to Champion....
<< A two stage regulator (which can also have two gauges) is able to
<< a constant output pressure as input pressure drops. >>

Champion to me...
> I stand corrected..it is not a 2 Stage, as you are defining it.

So the mystery is solved - Champion Lighting is selling a Single Stage
Regulator with twin gauges. It looks like an attractive package at an
attractive price, and Dave Grim's comments regarding how well it has served
him well for a year are noted and filed away for future reference. For many
of us, this is enough detail and sufficient recommendation.

As for Champion's failure to provide the "details" I had requested regarding
the "specs", well lets say that I haven't pulled out my check book yet.....
but perhaps that's just me..... ;-)

James Purchase