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comments abotu tropica


with all the comments about tropica (not) shipping to US here's my question:

Is it worth to pay that much extra for Tropica plants? my LFS (there's a few 
of them that carry Tropica plants) sells them for quite a bit more than 
other companies.. ?

Why are they so much more expensive?

Better Quality than the other suppliers (i don't believe so)

or is it something else like the plants are from dk and other plants are 
from asia or other places where labor is cheap.. (as someone from the killi 
list once told me... or was it this list.. shoot.. forgot..)

but i have mentioned before the best quality of plants is from a local plant 
club member...plants purchased from suppliers are often grown emersed or in 
different conditions frm your tank and the plant may take time to adapt...

since they're so expensive what do (some) aquarists from the US want to get 
tropica plants so badly?

ok if you don't like what i've written msg me privately .. 
comments,questions or flames..

myapisto at hotmail_com

Raymond Wong
My Aquarium Page
yes i have bough tropica plants before and i do regret it
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