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re:Quality Products

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000 22:23:34 EDT  Dgrim62 at cs_com (Dave) wrote:

>Maybe you can tell me if they are Dual Gauge or Dual Stage.

No problem.  But...  I thought you knew for sure they were dual-stage? :)

>They have the standard brass female connection to the cylinder.
>There are two pressure gauges coming out of the top.
>One is the tank pressure (CO2 cylinder). The other is a step-down 
>pressure gauge, which is adjustable via a large flat head screw in the middle 
>of the regulator body.

Plus the info I read for myself at Champion lighting.  Plus the price of $149
for regulator, solenoid, needle valve and check valve.  Now you want my best
educated guess, right?  SINGLE-STAGE.  As Dave Gomberg has pointed out, you do
not find dual-stage products within this price range.  If you do, again, we want
to know where.

Nothing on the Champion site indicates the possibility of two stages.

>Digital timers are nice, but not necessary. 

I use them for lighting so the flexibility is nice.  I will also be using one
for an automatic misting system.  They keep track of the current time and their
programming even in the event of a power failure.

>Digital timers in my area (Atlanta) sell for $25-$30 at HD or Lowes.

Then I feel good that I paid only $35 Canadian. :)

>I don't understand the big issue with having to know the specifications/part 
>#s of each component of the regulator.

There is no big issue. I think you took your reply a little over the top because
you focused on the less important parts of my original message.  The purpose of
knowing the specifications in this case, relates directly to the information you
were giving.  You were claiming that these regulators were one thing, when in
fact, they are something else entirely.  If you don't know the specs, you can't
very well comment about them, can you?  And as far as part numbers go, that was
just so I could find them on the sites you mentioned and to possibly locate the
regulators elsewhere on the net (if they had standard labelling, to find their
actual specs - to then accurately answer the question you made above).

>You buy a portable gas grill in kit form from the store with a filled gas
>tank for your outdoor cooking. You can spend $99 to $1299.

Are you saying that I wouldn't know what I was buying?  How many BTU for
instance?  Size of cooking area, materials the grill and burners are made of?
Size of the gas cylinder?  Anyone who expects to know the difference between a
grill that costs $99 and one that costs $1000 had better know these things.

>Your steaks, burgers, and hot dogs all seem to get cooked.

But they'll never taste even half as good as they would if they had been cooked
on a charcoal grill. :)

>Your car is made of components manufactured by dozens of different companys. 
>Do you know the specifications/part # of each of the 3000-4000 parts that 
>make up your car?

I do know the specs of the car however.  And I do know a lot about how it works,
why it works, etc.  And I know which parts to replace to do the maintenance
myself and what parts to replace to make it ride better, handle better or go

What if someone selling you a car was telling you that it had a six cylinder
engine in it, but in fact it was only a four?  Or you're buying tires and
someone sells you H rated and tells you they're Z.  I don't go into anything
blind.  I always know what I'm getting.

>The regulators I own do what they are designed to do and do it well.

Of course they do.  But if you're not sure what kind they are, why come out and
say they're dual?  Because they have two gauges?  A regulator doesn't have to
have any gauges at all and it can still be either dual or single.

>If you care to be that detailed, go for it. I do not. 

Just trying to sort out any possible misinformation.  Don't want people getting
mislead, thinking they're buying one thing, when in fact it is something else.

Don't take it so personally.  If you didn't know for sure about the regulators,
you just should have said so and pointed to the URLs for anyone interested to
check out.  Like I also said, M3 also sells a kit for $149 and Dave Gomberg
sells a kit as well for $119.  They put them together with single-stage
regulators because they work well configured as described and can be sold for
the prices they're asking.  Dave already told you that if he was putting
together a system with a dual-stage regulator it would cost considerably more.