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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #544

>The plants are:
>Swords Amazon, E tenellus, Vallisneria natans, denserrata, Limnophilia
>sessiflora, Brasenia schrebneri, Milfoil various sp, Nuphar subpumilum,
>Potamogeton crispus, Cambomba sp, Anarchis sp and other Anubus nana.
>Fish are as follows:
>Xiphorphus hellerii, maculatus, variatus: Colasia sota, lalia: Betta
>splendens, edithae, enithae: Corydoras punctatus: Medaka
>I have 3 plastic tubs used to keep live sushi and one 90lx45wx60w cm
>aquarium. I have access to ADA laterite courtesy of Amano, 3 light hoods
>capable of holding a maximum of 3 20watt flourescent tubes each and a large
>Fluval filter. Any suggestions as I'm selling whats left of the property to
>some real estate developers who will turn it into cramped apartment blocks.

What I would like is some input on turning one of these plastic tubs into a 
geopraphic pond/tank for my swords and platies. I guess the environment 
would be the Mexican Yucatan. What water conditions, plants and fish 
(besides X hellerii, maculatus and variatus are prevalent)?

The second tub will be an Indian/Nepali drainage canal/paddy minus the raw 
sewage, holy cows and homeless indiginents. Here I intend to place some C 
lalia, C sota and add some plants native to the area. Luckily, I'm now 
located closer to the Boso Penninsula and our average temperature in winter 
is 10C warmer on average due to the Kuroshio current coming from the 

Lastly, I'm looking into creating a tank suitable for B unimaculata. If 
anyone has been to Malaysia or has done a Malaysian stream tank please 
provide some info as to what plants and fish are compatible.
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