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Re: Quality Products

The regulators I use are the Blue Line brand, which is the Champion lighting 
house brand, with price/description available on their website, and the other 
brand is Knop, a German company which markets calcium reactors for 
reef-keepers, of which this is a part of that system. They are sold as 
preassembled units. The individual component part numbers are not of interest 
to me, as I rely on the company to assemble a unit that works, the same way 
your customers expect a functional unit from you. The companies that sell 
these products have done just that. The Knop Regulator is available retail at 
any well stocked LFS dealing in Corals. The Blueline Regulator is available 
at www.championlighting.com.

Treat it as a myth if you want. Simply because something is not documented 
does not mean it is not true. These products work very well and are priced as 
I have said,  $150 or less. Oh well, I guess it would be a pretty boring 
world if everyone agreed on everything!