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Re: Green water

In my experience, osmocote produces the best, most durable green water I have 
ever seen. I have a 1 gallon jug of green water sitting in room light only, 
that was obtained from a tank of green water caused by osmocote. It has been 
sitting there for about a month, and it's still dark green. I didn't check it 
for ammonia or nitrate though. Could be it's at toxic levels.

David Youngker also posted a few weeks ago that he was able to successfully 
grow green water with only a few beads thrown in a 5 gallon bucket.


>  Now I know that green water is something that we
>  usually want to avoid, but I was wondering is anyone
>  has a surefire formula for producing it.  I need some
>  for a Daphnia culture, and I thought that maybe if
>  someone knew how to make it, doing the opposite would
>  prevent it, or even get rid of it.