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Re: CO2 comments

I finally broke down and added co2 on a tank I've been running for quite a 
while, complete with algae. If I waited for the plants to outcompete the 
algae, I'd be waiting a long long time. I threw on a little additional light 
(which by itself just grows _more_ algae) and a co2 bottle. The pH without 
CO2 hovered around 6.5 in this tank, so I don't think it's the pH, but how 
well the plants are growing. 


Anna wrote:

> My friends and family have laughed at my futile attempts to kill hair algae
>  over the past 2 years.  They giggled over the 2 liter coke bottles of algae
>  all over the deck - various experiments.  Finally, the algae is gone.  You
>  know what?  I'm almost disappointed.  It has been so much fun reading this
>  list and going through the APD archives to figure out what the !@#$% was
>  going on!
>  I may put the PH back up to 7.2-7.4 just to see if the algae comes back, 
>  I think I'll just sit for awhile and enjoy my new CO2 system and a tank 
>  of hair algae for awhile.  And I didn't even have to get any Florida...err
>  American Flag Fish!!!  ;)