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Re: Tropica illegal import?

Bill Gould (PacosBilly) wrote:

........ I believe that the only way we will ever see something happen in our
>lifetimes about this is if we try to form a organized petition, maybe one of
>our more experienced members could write something. I believe some one was
>correct when they said that Tropica will have absolutely nothing to do with
>the USA. So it really is up to us, and frankly, I'd really like to get some
>of their Flame swords, Marble Queen Radicans, and I know all you would love
>to see some of these Danish beauties in your tanks as well.
>    As this is a rather large undertaking, I would be willing to collect all
>responses etc... from the list, personal emails, discussions etc... and
>compile them for somebody to write a summarized letter we might later use to
>gain support through. If you think this is a good idea, just drop me a small
>line saying yes or no, or feel free to comment. If I don't get enough
>interest, I'll drop the entire thing and not bring it up again. Anyone from
>outside the US, that knows they allow Tropica to import, please help us out

I got the impression that the USA won't have anything to do with Tropica,
rather than the other way around.  Tropica sent the USDA a letter in 1997
that they (Tropica) will share with anyone.  As far as I can determine from
their web site, Tropica still has hopes of opening the USA market.  I
certainly wish they could, because they have lots of nice plants.  If they
upgraded their Cryptcoryne collection, I would be even more anxious.

I believe that all the plants Tropica sells are descended from tissue
culture grown plants, and, therefore, should certainly be free from any
pathogens that might worry the USDA.

I wonder if Tropica would consider sending plants to the USA which were not
in the little rockwool pots.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi where we got some rain recently, but
still have a long way to go to catch up.