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Re: Tropica illegal import?

> Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 03:22:00 EDT
> From: PacosBilly at aol_com
> Subject: Re: Tropica illegal import?
> Dear Group,
>     I apologize about the confusion about my first post about Tropica and
> United States, it was very late (if you check the time on my first post,
> near 4am).
>     My intentions were not to say that Tropica had done anything wrong at
> all. I should have said that: The USA does not approve of importing any
> that they can't see the roots of, which is a valid restriction in most
> However, in this case I find it very harmful to our hobby.
>     Why should the USA allow Tropica to import? First off, I'm sure we can
> all agree that it's a first rate company, and they really are involved
> us as much as we can ask for from a commercial grower. Secondly they
> some very valuable catalogs and website with valuable references which, if
> you haven't seen it, please do, they really do have some lovely plants.
> (www.tropica.dk or www.tropica.de if you speak deutsche :-) )If you've

www.tropica.de has as far as i can see nothing to do with www.tropica.dk and

The .de page is about plants for your living room, and not aquariumplants :)

So you did mean that it was illegal for pet shops in USA to import tropica
plants, and not that tropica did import illegal plants, right ?

It does not matter to me if you can buy Tropica plants in USA or not, i live
about 250 KM south of tropicas factory in the same Country, Denmark. So i
can get all the Tropica plants i want.
But off course i thing everyone should have access to those top quality
Therefore i will off course gladly help you somehow to make it possible for
you to import. Just post here about it and i am in.

With many Thanks

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