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Re: Tropica illegal import?

Dear Group,
    I apologize about the confusion about my first post about Tropica and the 
United States, it was very late (if you check the time on my first post, it's 
near 4am). 
    My intentions were not to say that Tropica had done anything wrong at 
all. I should have said that: The USA does not approve of importing any plant 
that they can't see the roots of, which is a valid restriction in most cases. 
However, in this case I find it very harmful to our hobby. 
    Why should the USA allow Tropica to import? First off, I'm sure we can 
all agree that it's a first rate company, and they really are involved with 
us as much as we can ask for from a commercial grower. Secondly they provide 
some very valuable catalogs and website with valuable references which, if 
you haven't seen it, please do, they really do have some lovely plants. 
(www.tropica.dk or www.tropica.de if you speak deutsche :-) )If you've never 
seen the physical catalog, it really is a nice piece of work. 
    I find it ironic that the US exports all sorts of genetically altered 
foods, hormonized beef back and forth to Europe, but they don't allow Tropica 
to import plants specifically for a hobby. I would think that the reasons are 
sound, invasive species etc... However they sell fish that are equally as 
dangerous to invasiveness, but are sold 5 for a dollar at any LFS. 
    I believe that the only way we will ever see something happen in our 
lifetimes about this is if we try to form a organized petition, maybe one of 
our more experienced members could write something. I believe some one was 
correct when they said that Tropica will have absolutely nothing to do with 
the USA. So it really is up to us, and frankly, I'd really like to get some 
of their Flame swords, Marble Queen Radicans, and I know all you would love 
to see some of these Danish beauties in your tanks as well. 
    As this is a rather large undertaking, I would be willing to collect all 
responses etc... from the list, personal emails, discussions etc... and 
compile them for somebody to write a summarized letter we might later use to 
gain support through. If you think this is a good idea, just drop me a small 
line saying yes or no, or feel free to comment. If I don't get enough 
interest, I'll drop the entire thing and not bring it up again. Anyone from 
outside the US, that knows they allow Tropica to import, please help us out 
Thanks so much, Bill Gould