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Re: Comment on algae in fast rivers

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000 06:15:58 -0600 (MDT)  meister_man at webtv_net (sean meister)
in APD#544 wrote:

>In your "CO2 comments" you stated (or read on the Florida Driftwod page)
>that algae does not grow in fast flowing rivers.  I have to disagree and
>say that in the clear, cold mountain streams and rivers in the Rocky
>Mountains of northwestern Montana, plenty of green algea grows in very
>swift current.

I will have to submit that this is also the case in many streams and rivers in
Ontario.  It is definitely not as cold as it is in Montana here (just a reminder
again, I don't live in an Igloo :)  Some of these rivers will also have plenty
of other vegetation along their banks and within.

I'm not commenting on anything that might be written on the Florida Driftwood
page because I haven't read it, just thought I'd throw up another confirmation
of algae presence.

Interestingly enough, just the other night someone posted a message to the
freshwater.misc group (I'm pretty sure it was that one) about some Algae
problems.  I finally read it last night because I felt bad that I hadn't seen
anyone else reply.  Turns out the poster has a turtle tank.  Anyway, his algae
problems are specifically on the surfaces/rocks of a waterfall and river portion
of his tank.  Not in the general aquatic portion.  I wasn't able to offer any
concrete solutions but did ask some questions and proposed a few things he might
try.  I also mentioned the herp group which may be more receptive to the word
"turtle" in a post. :)