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CO2 - BOC Regulators - outlet pressure rise

Very briefly back on the topic of single-stage regulator outlet pressure rise
for inlet pressure drops (for our purposes, specifically when the cylinder is
nearing empty)

From BOC's specs, Outlet pressure increase per 100 psig inlet decay:

BHS500: Less than 1.75 psig
BHS270: Less than 0.5 psig
BGS270: Less than 0.85 psig

Forgive me, because I'm way too tired and sick to go look it up now... :)  But
recently, someone was mentioning/calculating the pressures associated with the
inlet pressure drop and how it affected the output for illustrative purposes,
using a metering valve.  And also the effect of using just a high-pressure
sintered glass device like the Eheim Reaktor.  How do the numbers on these
specific products look?

As a last point, and relating to operation without a metering valve (using only
sintered glass device), the BOC specs also contain Cv values as follows:

BHS500: Cv = 0.099
BHS270: Cv = 0.05
BGS270: Cv = 0.18

These are lower than many "needle" valves. :)

I don't really want to get into any high-vs-low pressure debates with this info.
I will more than likely be running with both variations to see what suits an
individual tank better.