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Outlet Pressure Rise per Inlet Decay

Bruno wrote:
"While reading regulator specs again I did notice that the BOC products
specifically mention the rate of outlet pressure increase correlating to
pressure drop.  Fairly low.  I'd love to know how this compares to
that are commonly available for much lower prices (again, the ones from
supply places, etc...)"

I can't help on regulators from general supply places, or from aquarium
specific mail order sources, because if they know this information, they
don't put it online. Of course, someone could always ask them.....

I can give people an idea of what the details are for specific regulators
from BOC, Air Products and Victor. I'm not that familiar with Victor's
product line, but they certainly do provide lots of information on their web
site and I've read lots of posts from satisfied Victor regulator owners.
Some of the Victor models listed may be totally unsuitable for our purposes,
but the BOC and Air Products models could all be used for CO2 (although a
lot of them would probably be waaaayyyy overkill and expensive).

This info will also point out a MAJOR difference between Single Stage
Regulators and Two (or Dual) Stage Regulators (people continue to refer to
any regulator that has two gauges as a two stage regulator - it isn't

Single Stage Regulators            Outlet Pressure Rise
BOC BGS270 General Purpose         less than 0.85 psig/100 psig
BOC BHS500 High Purity             less than 1.75 psig/100 psig
BOC BHS270 High Purity             less than 0.5  psig/100 psig
AP  E11-215 General Purpose                  0.58 psig/100 psig
AP  E11-N145 High Purity                     1.78 psig/100 psig
AP  E11-244 High Purity Analytical           0.35 psig/100 psig
Victor SR 4 Series F&G Range                 2.4  psig/100 psig
Victor SR 4 Series J&K Range                 4.8  psig/100 psig
Victor SR 5 Series                           1.0  psig/100 psig
Victor SR 250 Series                         0.5  psig/100 psig
Victor SR 350 Series                         0.8  psig/100 psig
Victor SR 450 Series                         0.6  psig/100 psig
Victor SR 600 Series                         0.58 psig/100 psig
Victor SR 700 Series                         1.2  psig/100 psig

Two Stage Regulators
BOC BGT270 General Purpose         less than 0.1 psig/100 psig
BOC BHT100 High Purity             less than 0.1 psig/100 psig
BOC BHT270 High Purity             less than 0.1 psig/100 psig
AP  E12-215 General Purpose                0.042 psig/100 psig
AP  E12-N145 High Purity                   0.04  psig/100 psig
AP  E12-244 High Purity Analytical         0.026 psig/100 psig
Victor Two Stage Regulators        negligible (according to Victor...)

James Purchase