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Re: Re:Re: My final on CO2 systems

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000 12:48:35 +1000  "Neil Travis" <travisn at gravity_net.au> in
APD#544 wrote:

>I have never looked at reasonably priced compound relief valves on the
>general market for gas purposes as I manufacture my own.

From your description, they do sound fairly easy to manufacture...  :)  Ok,
maybe not.  Thanks for the info though.  I believe by searching the net people
can find some additional info on products of this type.  I don't know how
suitable for Aquaria any of the preset or store-bought regulators are however.

If you were to sell one of the ones you manufacture, how reasonable a price tag
do you think you could put on it?  You know, to cover your time and materials,
etc...  Enough to make it worth your while...

While reading regulator specs again I did notice that the BOC products
specifically mention the rate of outlet pressure increase correlating to inlet
pressure drop.  Fairly low.  I'd love to know how this compares to regulators
that are commonly available for much lower prices (again, the ones from general
supply places, etc...)

>Neil Who's cousin carried the Olympic Flame into the Arena Down Under.

Now that's very cool.  I watched a bunch of the countries coming in, but missed
the torch cermony.