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re: Quality products

Dave Gomberg wrote:
"I seriously doubt that you could buy such a system of quality you would want 
to run for less than $250. That will keep a lot of people back on yeast. 
Remember the solenoid needs a driver too (ph system or timer or whatever).

I respond:
In my experience you can buy a quality 2 stage reg with needle valve and 
solenoid for $140-$150 all day long from Pet Warehouse, Champion Lighting, 
PetSolutions, and other MO places. Yes, some type of control is needed, but a 
timer is $5. I use a pH Controller out of choice, which would add to the 
total cost, but my post only referred to a 2 stage reg with needle valve and 
solenoid. My regulators have performed flawlessly for well over a year now, 
and neither was over $150. So while I respect your opinion, my experience 
tells me otherwise.