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Re: Tropica illegal import?

William Beckerman wrote:
> As somebody that *really* wants to buy Tropica plants, and doesn't
> understand why after 12 years of importing the USDA put a ban on them, I
> like to hear more on 'Tropica's illegal importing'.

As far as I know, the reason they can't be imported is because they are
planted in rockwool.  They need to be bare roots, I assume for inspection

> I am hard at work putting the Tropic website database into a standalone
> Mac/Windows FileMaker pro version that I can distribute, assuming I can
> obtain permissions from Tropica.

I've got a series of PERL scripts that parse their web pages, and I've got
the results as a MS-SQL7 database.   

I even got their permission to build a web interface using their data, 
but Soren beat me to the punch. 

Chuck Gadd