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CO2 dumping

At 03:48 AM 9/15/00 -0400, Steve Dixon wrote:
>  I cranked up the CO2 full blast
>resulting in an outpouring of bubbles from the overflow hole.  The pH
>dropped slightly over the course of an hour, but not by very much.  The
>excess CO2 just bubbled off in large bubbles and escaped to the air.

I don't doubt that this happened to Steve, but try the following experiment:

In a small aquarium (a 1 gallon plastic cookie jar such as biscotti and 
some candies come in at warehouse stores would be cheap and effective) 
filled nearly to the top with water place a fish you are willing to lose 
and an airstone.  Bubble in pure CO2 at 1 bubble every 10 seconds in the 
presence of a plant and bright light for a few minutes.  The plant will 
probably pearl and the guppy (or whatever) seem fine.   Then place a piece 
of plastic wrap over the top, turn up the rate to 4 bubbles a second (big 
bubbles).  And exclude the light.  This represents a CO2 dump at night in 
your covered tank.   In less than an hour the fish will be gasping at the 
surface.   To rescue it, remove the plastic wrap, and replace the CO2 
injection with regular air from an air pump.   The fish will soon 
recover.   The second setup resembles your closed top tank with a CO2 dump 
at night.  In the AM your fish will likely be dead.  BTW, this event is not 
real tough on the plants.

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