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Re:Re: My final on CO2 systems

I have never looked at reasonably priced compound relief valves on the
general market for gas purposes as I manufacture my own.
As to how they work is simple.
they have a spring that is preset or adjustable for the desired pressure.
There is a pilot line to the down line side of the regulator. This line
senses the pressure and feeds back to the back of the piston. If the
pressure is under the required pressure the piston is shuttled by the spring
pressure to open. When the pressure is greater than the desired pressure it
exerts pressure on the piston and closes it off thus stopping the flow until
the pressure is correct.
Most commercial ones have a 10% range but you can if you are rich get
As stated earlier this is much more stable when used in conjunction with a
needle valve as this supplies the necessary back pressure for the down line
sensing (pilot pressure). Also finer control for the output flow.
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