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Comment on algae in fast rivers


In your "CO2 comments" you stated (or read on the Florida Driftwod page)
that algae does not grow in fast flowing rivers.  I have to disagree and
say that in the clear, cold mountain streams and rivers in the Rocky
Mountains of northwestern Montana, plenty of green algea grows in very
swift current.  In fact, that has been the only form of plant life I
have seen in these rivers and streams!!  It is amazing how much does
grow in fast current and it is also amazing how slippery the stuff can
be when crossing the river on a backpacking deep in the wilderness.   I
often wondered why algae was the only thing growing...maybe too cold of
water, plus I don't think there is a whole lot of nutrients in snow melt
but there is algae!

Anyways...just wanted to share,

Sean in Missoula Montana