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All-Glass Aquarium's mini-bow front

I spent 1/2 an hour this afternoon checking out All-Glass Aquarium's
mini-bow front that they have on sale at my LFS.  I like what I saw!  Its
glass, bigger than its competition i.e: the 6-gallon Eclipse and I
especially like the fact that it SEEMS to be "Amano-influenced" w/ black
silicone and sports a decent 18w bulb.  The hood is more standard and less
proprietary in design so it looks like it will be MUCH easier to retro-fit
w/ AHSupplies' compact florescent (Yes, I highly recommend these).  

Has anyone bought the new All-glass mini-bow front?  Have you tried to
retrofit the light w/ a compact florescent?

I only wish the tank were just a 4-6in wider so I could get more depth for
aquascaping.  I've often criticized All-Glass for not releasing a single
tank style marketed for plant people;  shallower and wider is what we need;
like what they do for the reptile people, only we need thicker glass.  Not
deep and narrow as is so typical.  At least this new model does give us a
start at something easier to work with compared to the Eclipse 6-gallon.  

The Eclipse 6-gallon scratches easily and seems to be designed to drive out
Co2.  I own two of them and have given up trying to retro-fit them for Co2

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