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Re: Texas Drought

>From: "Michael Laflamme" <spicolte at hotmail_com>
>Just curious if there are any subscribers from Texas.  With all that is
>going on with the drought, I was wondering how everyone is managing their
>tanks.  I am of course assuming there are water restrictions and you haven't
>been changing any water since those restrictions began.  Would anyone like
>to post what they have been doing to manage their tanks?

I live in Austin - I've been doing things just like normal. There
are some restrictions, but only against unattended watering on any
except designated days. The restrictions are highly sensationalized.
There are "call in" numbers for people to report their neighbors,
but there are no restrictions or extra charges based on the actual
amount of water used (which would be simple, if the primary goal
was to conserve water rather than to create a "crisis").

>Obviously I know there are far more serious effects from this drought than
>our fish tanks, and far more serious concerns...ie. having water to drink. 
>I'm sure all of our thoughts and prayers go out to you for some substantial
>rain real soon!

It isn't trivial, but you have to understand that there is no problem
with having enough water, the problem is with the city's ability to
*treat* enough water. Just like the roads, the water system is undersized
and mismanaged. Remember, there is only one water system, so we fill
our pools and water our yards with the same water that's supposed
to be fit to drink. So in the summer, when people want to irrigate,
the water system runs short, though the local lakes have plenty of
water. Its a political crisis, not a real weather crisis,
so pray for the city council.


Steve Rogers
@Outcome, Austin TX -- ICQ: 46340238 -- AIM: StevRocket