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Re:Hoke valver

Bob [zxcvbob <bob at area51online_net>], wrote on Wed, Sept. 13:

>......Has anyone looked into using a "capillary tube" (like from a
>refrigeration unit) or a meter orifice as a non-adjustable flow
>restrictor?  That's kind of the way my system works; using a homemade
>restrictor, I adjust the flow rate by adjusting the regulator output
>Best regards,

I thought about using capillary tubes a couple of years ago when there was
another long discussion about CO2 metering and valve problems.  I mentioned
the possibility of their use, but nobody responded.  I know that you can
get glass capillary tubing that is thick, with a small capillary down the
center, like a thermometer.  You can get them with various capillary
diameters.  With a small capillary diameter you could have fairly high
pressure at one end and still get a low rate of flow.  Theoretically, the
flow rate should be inversely proportional to the length of the tube, and
if you wanted to reduce the flow you would get a longer tube or add another
tube in front of the first, kind of like adding resistors in series in an
electrical circuit.  I don't use pressurized CO2, myself, but somebody who
does, ought to try out this idea.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi where we got some rain recently, but
still have a long way to go to catch up.