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New and Improved Aquatic Plant Trading Boards

(Posted to APD and usenet)
OK, I've redone the board.  It's a LOT easier to follow threads now...
I can not, however, move any of the posts that were made on the
original board, so if you posted on the original board, you might want
to repost on the new and improved boards.

I'm only going to post this once, but the address will be in my
signature, so either bookmark the site or look for one of my posts for
a link...  I guess you could ask, too...  :-)

Anyway, here it is:

If you like the board, tell your friends!  If you don't like it, tell
me what you would like changed!  I really don't plan on advertising
this board other than through my signature, so I'm hoping that those
of you that like it and use it will pipe up when a "Where can I find
some Java Moss?" is asked...

Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
Visit the Aquatic Plant Trading Board at:
or (if you can't remember that...)