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Sunlight kills BGA!?

I've been experimenting with a 10g hospital/experiment tank that got BGA
about a month ago, and here are my extremely interesting findings:

I had been watching the BGA strangle most of the plants in the tank, and
it had gotten to the point where the BGA was almost completely covering
the bottom of the tank.  In addition to the large area near the filter
output that didn't have any algae, there was another small spot that was
algae free.  I didn't really think too much of it until one day I looked
in the tank to find that there was a small circle of direct sunlight
that was getting through the window and shining right onto the spot that
was free of algae!

So, I moved the tank into a location where it would get significantly
more sunlight, and let it sit.

Now, approximately 3 weeks later, its all clearing up.  The bottom of
the tank is almost completely free of BGA, and its beginning to
naturally separate from the walls of the tank.  I haven't touched it at
all other than periodically adding top-off water.

My speculation is that the natural UV in sunlight was enough to kill the
BGA in the tank.

I'd like to take a survey, so if you've gotten this far, please fill
this out and send it to me, and I'll tally:

Have you ever had a BGA outbreak?
What size is your tank? (gallons, then width in inches)
What kind and how many watts of lighting do you have? (flourescent,
Metal Halide, incandescent,
combination, or other)