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CO2 Comments

I was just looking over the CO2 thread and am ignoring any arguments 
taking place. I just wanted to comment on some points I've heard that 
might lead people to have the wrong idea.

1) Someone mentioned that the CO2 dropped the PH to a level that made 
their fish happy. This is not a safe practice. If you have a power 
outage and your solenoid valve shuts off, the PH can rapidly jump 
putting stress on the fish. It's a bad idea to regulate PH with CO2. 
If you need to lower your PH, use RO water and then use a buffer to 
maintain a certain level.

2) I went to the Florida Driftwood Page for which someone provided 
the link on this list. They advertise an anaerobic filter. I am not 
going to discuss the merits of this filter, but 2 statements on the 
page are either confusing or incorrect.

Adding O2 does not displace CO2. Having surface agitation can allow 
the CO2 to dissipate, but you can always increase the CO2 injection 
rate to maintain a desirable level.

In addition, aerating water does not make algae grow faster. Just 
take a simple look at nature. Do you ever see algae growing in a fast 
flowing river? No! It grows in stagnant water and ponds that are 
deficient in O2.

Julius Odian
Menlo Park, CA

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