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Re: Experience and CO2 Regulation

Bruno asked, regarding the BOC BHS500 regulator:
"I'd be very interested to find out about their regulator's 6-valve
If you look to the left in the feature list, you will see the note I'm
about.  James, any comments?:

If you look at the specs of the regulator
hs500.htm), you will see two things:

"Available fully configured for cylinder, OEM or bare-body for custom

"Output pressure ranges - 15 (2-15 psig); 40 (2-40); 80 (4-80); 125 (5-125);
200 (10-200); 300 (10-300); 500 (20-500)"

Think of the basic regulator as a "kit" - it has many possibilities that you
can select at the time you order it. BOC will configure it as you request.
Depending upon the output pressure range you ask them to configure the
regulator for, they will use one of those 6 outlet ports - the rest are just
capped off.

This "kit" analogy is even more apparent when you look at the next page of
specs - at the time of ordering you can select the delivery pressure range,
the type and size of inlet fitting (CGA320 is the standard size for North
American full size  CO2 cylinders), the outlet fitting, and a few other

Your earlier comments about the desirability of thinking globally about the
selection of CO2 equipment is very appropriate. For example, if someone
intends to use a Nupro needle valve with a regulator, you could specify that
you want the regulator configured with either 1/8" or 1/4" Swagelok output
fittings, and then specify the same sized input fittings on the Needle valve
when you order it. Making sure that everything fits together properly, from
the CO2 Cylinder all the way through to the appliance in your aquarium, is
just as important as the selection of the components itself.

Finally, a short note to those of you who seem intent on shutting this
series of highly technical, equipment related threads down. To those of you
for whom this seems like elementary stuff, unworthy of prolonged discussion,
I envy your knowledge and ask for your continued patience - it might not be
rocket science, but we aren't all blessed with your knowledge or experience.
The APD is one of the main sources of information of this type of thing in
our hobby. This is an eminently suitable discussion for this list. If it
bores you to tears, just skip over the posts. There are a myriad of
approaches to the hobby, from the "fish in a bowl" folks to the highly
controlled, hi-tech people. Everyone has a place in the hobby and on this
list, and we can all learn from one another. If anyone wishes to discuss
another topic, feel free to do so - the list is multi-threaded and several
conversations can happen at the same time with no problem.


James Purchase