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FW: "Black" flourite

>that these plans are on hold indefinitely. Apparently the source for the
>Black fluorite was a "vein" that they had come across while mining it. He
>said that it while it looked like they were going to able to mine
>significant quantities it turned out not to be the case. I even asked him if
>they had any Black Flourite lying around that I could purchase and he
>replied that he did not know of any. If anyone else has heard any new news
>on this front (Greg are you out there?) please reply as I am extremely
>interested in getting it when and  if it comes out.

This is basically the case...black veins found to date are 
"contaminated" with too much red. We do not have any black flourite, 
not even small quantities, that would be availabe for sale. Believe 
me, we want to sell it as badly as you want to buy it... but right 
now it's a guesing and waiting game as to when that "perfect" vien 
will be found.

-Greg Morin

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