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Re: Wine yeast

Keith and Lisa wrote:
>  I read that you put salt into your yeast mix. In baking we use salt to
>  retard the action of yeast. Perhaps you might want to cut back on the
>  amount or not use any at all.

Actually, it's Tanganyikan *buffer*, not salts, as in sodium, but hardening 
minerals. My water is quite soft.
>  I would agree with Jamie Johnson it seemed to me that you are using a
>  bit too much yeast and not enough sugar. Your yeast is probably
>  consuming all the food before it even has time to get going. Jamie is
>  also right you need to activate your yeast before adding it to sugar.
>  That water needs to be lukewarm because at temps above 110 the yeast
>  dies.

I dissolve the yeast in warm water before mixing up with sugar. I recall from 
breadmaking days, though, that they advise dissolving the yeast in a warm 
honey solution, no? 

When I used more sugar, I got too much co2. I guess lowering the quantity of 
yeast, rather than the quantity of sugar was in order.