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Re: wine yeast /Champagne yeast

Please, let us know how the corn sugar (corn syrup?) works out. I've tried 
honey, molasses, small amounts of juice . . . 


Jim said:
>  I've been using a Champagne yeast called Pasteur Champagne made by Red Star
>  of Universal Foods Corp.  It comes in a 0.176 oz or 5 grams packet, which 
>  great on amount to use.  I pay a high price for the small packet of $0.38
>  each.  Last night my dealer talked me into trying Corn sugar to see if it
>  worked better for making my CO2 generator last longer, he said something
>  about the effects of common table sugar would have on the length the
>  solution would last.  He also introduced me to a yeast energizer, which I
>  will try later after a couple of try's with the corn sugar.  JiM C.