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Subject: Re: Surface scum

This does sound reasonable, but I am not sure it's true.  When I had this
persistent problem, it was in spite of daily 25% water changes (at that
time, I was having trouble with algae too), very small fish load, and very
stingy feeding.


"Klaus Haber" wrote:

<<<this "surface scum" is a well known appearance and we call it in Germany
"Kahmhaut". The Kahmhaut is a pointer for _high_ load of organic substances
in the water, only this and nothing else. Even it doesn't look fine, absorbs
light and hinders the gas exchange (O2 to water), it makes no sense to
remove the Kahmhaut mechanicly or by fisch, because you don't remove the
minconvenience. The _only_ help is, to decrease the amount of organic
substances. This can be done by more water exchanges, reducing the fishfeed
or reducing the fishload.>>>