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CO2 Regulators, Insults and Subjectivity

<< The same applies for a CO2 system based on a single-stage regulator and 
high-pressure injection device such as the Eheim Reaktor.  You should be 
refilling the tank before it completely expires.  The instruments on the 
regulator are there for a reason. >>

Sure and so's a bathroom scale. As I said in aquarium applications This Is 
Not Rocket Science.  Yes, of course Fluid dynamics, gasses under pressure et 
al. be Rocket Science. It depends on the appellation, degree of precision 
etc. You may wish to overly complicate the application, and good for you. 
What ever floats your boat so to speak. Others may not take the same 
obsessive -- compulsive delight in such minutia. Who's right? no one. It's 
called personal preference.

If you insist on calling  people *ASSHOLES* please do it via private E-mail 

Oh a suggestion: you may wish to keep your paragraphs to 10-15 lines or less, 
what you write will be more readable.  And after all this is what it is about 
is it not? Communication? 

Good fortune to your search to reinvent the wheel and rediscover fire. I'd be 
interested to hear from anyone who has had a negative experience using the 
Bioplast CO2 injection system. For me it has been working without flaw. 

David Napierkowski