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Re: Hoke valves

>When I look at Hoke's web site (http://www.hoke.com/), their online product
>catalogue shows a number of different series of valves - but it does not
>resolve the part number beyond the main series:
>Micro-mite Forged Metering Valves: 1600 Series     Cv = 0.0008

Is this Cv rating sufficiently low that it could be used straight off
the CO2 tank valve w/o a regulator?  It has been 20 years since I
studied such stuff, and I don't remember how to figure the flow rate
from the gas equations (and CO2 is not an ideal gas by any stretch).
It is rated at 6000 psi.  You would need some kind of overpressure
protection in case your CO2 line became clogged, but that is cheap and
easy technology.

Has anyone looked into using a "capillary tube" (like from a
refrigeration unit) or a meter orifice as a non-adjustable flow
restrictor?  That's kind of the way my system works; using a homemade
restrictor, I adjust the flow rate by adjusting the regulator output

Best regards,