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At 12:39 PM 9/13/00 -0400, Edward Venn wrote:
>To sum up..... Don't buy cheap, poorly made/shoddy goods! Save yourself the
>agony and pain.
>To the makers..... Provide warranties with your goods or admit that they
>aren't worth the coin to buy them.

What about instructions?   How much liability should the buyer assume?   If 
none, there will be no products left.  I sympathize with your pain and am 
NOT saying that instructions should be used to cover faulty design or 
manufacture, but it may be the risk was calculated by the maker and 
provided for in the instructions.

The regulators I sell are made to a price for a market.   It is a market of 
professionals who care for their tools.   There are better regulators, 
there are worse.   These are a good value.   But if you ignore the 
instructions you won't like the outcome.

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