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Re: CO2 Regulators

Regarding BOC Gases CO2 Regulators, Bruno wrote:
"I believe James mentioned one specific regulator.  It may very well by the
pricier of the single-stage models."

It more than likely is (as Bruno and I have discussed off-list). When I was
initially looking for a regulator I knew diddly squat about them and was
governed by my previously stated nervousness around anything that is
compressed, so I simply told the BOC people what I wanted to do and asked
for their recommendation. It definately IS a nice regulator but they have
other models which are probably less expensive which would probably serve
our needs just as well. But I don't think that BOC took advantage of me or
my ignorance - I'm a big boy and understand that you should ALWAYS do your
homework before buying anything. That's why I got involved in theis whole
CO2 equipment thread in the first place.

"I'll be calling a local Canadian rep to price out suitably configured
of the first three products I mentioned.  I'll report back with the results
anyone is curious."

And I've placed a call into the local Air Products outlet here to ge the
same information for their various regulators. I'll post what I find out
when they get back to me with prices and their comments.

I've also spoken to the local company which sells Nupro Valves and SWAGELOK
equipment. I've gotten Canadian prices on several configurations of the
Nupro M valve and am waiting for price quotes for the same ones with the
Vernier dials and the Nupro S valves as well. When I have complete price
info, I'll post it to the list.

Since the "specs" for these things are all available online at the web sites
I and others have mentioned, having some prices to go with them might help
others looking for the same or similar items for their own set-ups.

I have noticed that the sales people at the various companies I have spoken
to have all been very helpful and patient about dealing with a
non-professional (me) - they are more than willing to explain things in a
manner that even I can understand.

James Purchase