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Re:: Experience and CO2 regulation

>>A $65 regulator (described by others here as rubbish) and an $20 needle
valve (described by others here as totally inadequate). That is all. Nothing
else. No dead fish. No pressure pulses. No dumping. Happy plants. Healthy
fish. My experience.<<

If it ain't broke, it don't need fixin. My personal experience is as
Two years ago I bought a german made Aqualine regulator. After two months it
leaked from around the face plate of one of the gauges. I had to return it
to the North American distributor directly instead of Pet Warehouse. The
distributor didnt even have one unit in stock to replace it...and it took
them four months to send me another one. The replacement unit lasted one
month until the cannister fell over and one of the gauges cracked, my fault
I know, but not very durable.  An iosaled experience I am sure, but it
turned me off to Aqualine.

I currently have two of Davids regulators, a Hydrologix, and a Profistar.
The Hydrologix came with a solenoid that stopped working after a month.
Hydrologix immediately sent me another one, which sprung a leak two weeks
ago that emptied a 20# cylinder in two hours. There is some depressed little
hole with a tiny scew in it...thats where the leak was..The needle valve
seemed very difficult to control, and it had some type of control arm on the
front of the regulator that doesnt seem to do anything. It was also
frustrating in that it didnt seem to hold constant flow pressure very well.
I would have to check it and reajust it almost on a daily basis. (before it
sprung a leak, and both units were like this) I had it running with Daves
diffusor, which it didnt seem to run as smoothly with as Daves regulator

I havnt had any major problems with the Profistar. Daves units have been
very reliable. It appears much more solidly built than either the Aqualine
or the Hydrologix. It holds an even, steady output pressure very easily.
What I dont like about it is that you can not do fine control of the output,
and it doesnt have a needle valve... reaching the flow you want can take
some work, but once you are there it stays there. My biggest problem has
been lines popping off valves because of the high pressure. I have six
aquariums tied to one regulator.  I too have let it run empty, and as far as
I know I havnt had it empty anything back into the aquarium (s)...perhaps
because I have a check valve on the line. I also do not have any fish in
these aquariums, so I am not particularly worried about it. (well a few
minnows, but they are just fertilizer!)

So while we debate who has the bigger, better bread box, I am more concerned
with its reliability, construction, the quality of support from the
manufacturer-vendor, its ease, practical use, cost, and longevity. If it
works, I can afford it, and I can set it up and leave it alone without
worrying about it, then I am happy...I am simple that way!

Robert Paul H