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HOKE valves

While searching through the archives using "needle valves" as a seach term,
I came across several references to Hoke valves, all of which referred to
them highly. Only two posts came close to identifying which particular Hoke
valves might be of use, one post referring to a Hoke microregulation valve
and another post gave a part # 13354MB.

When I look at Hoke's web site (http://www.hoke.com/), their online product
catalogue shows a number of different series of valves - but it does not
resolve the part number beyond the main series:

Micro-mite Forged Metering Valves: 1600 Series     Cv = 0.0008
Milli-mite Forged Metering Valves: 1300 Series       Cv = 0.010 (1 degree
stem) ; Cv = 0.24 (3 degree stem)
Bar Stock Metering Valves: 2300 Series                  Cv = 0.012 (1 degree
stem) ; Cv = 0.077 (8 degree stem)

Anyone have any idea which of the Hoak valves are useful for our purposes?


James Purchase