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Re: The go ahead (acceptable forms of potassium and magnesium

Thanks for the correction.  Since I've never kept either on my kitchen (or 
bathroom?) shelf, I have no inkling what the composition is, either than the 
magnesium. When I began hatching brine shrimp, Epsom salts was recommended 
along with uniodized salt. Along with the *salts* (as in Epsom ..), I 
inferred that sodium was a component. 

Just my ignorance rearing it's head again.

Getting the feeling that I need a chemistry course . . .

> I don't understand your reference to sodium -- Epsom salts is just
>  magnesium sulfate (itself, a powerful laxitive).  "Milk of magnesia"
>  is magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2, which may give you problems with your
>  water pH.