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FW: "Black" flourite

 >Alex Ling asked:
>"Anyone have any news regarding the pending introduction of black

>"Its called Onyx, and its been available for quite some time.

>James Purchase

Actually Onyx and Flourite are two separate and distinct products. You can
check out Seachem's web site for further details 
 I spoke with a Seachem rep at the ACA convention in Cleveland in July about
"Black Flourite". He told me that although they were planning to release it
that these plans are on hold indefinitely. Apparently the source for the
Black fluorite was a "vein" that they had come across while mining it. He
said that it while it looked like they were going to able to mine
significant quantities it turned out not to be the case. I even asked him if
they had any Black Flourite lying around that I could purchase and he
replied that he did not know of any. If anyone else has heard any new news
on this front (Greg are you out there?) please reply as I am extremely
interested in getting it when and  if it comes out.

Larry Lampert
Dallas, Texas