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Re: Potassium Gluconate

"I guess no
one has any idea what gluconate will do in a closed aquarium
system....fuel for bacteria I assume."

Actually, I have a very good idea of what it will do...... it will provide
Potassium that your plants can then absorb. The gluconate will become
"bacteria food", but so what? So will "fish food" if it remains uneaten
(even after it passes thru the digestive system of the fish, there is still
nutrients available to be attacked by bacteria. In a healthy, functioning
tank that is not overstocked with fish and is properly maintained, the
gluconate is not something that you really need worry about - I've been
using Potassium gluconate tablets for well over a year with no problems.

Where you _might_ have problem is if you use a pill which has all sorts of
other things in it. I use Jamieson brand, which I can get in any drugstore.
Each pill contains 50 mg of Elemental Potassium (as organic gluconate). The
pills contain no sugar, no starch, no salt (sodium chloride), they are yeast
free, gluten free and lactose free.

There ARE other easily obtainable sources of Potassium, and they should work
as well.

James Purchase