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RE: Potassium gluconate


I had the potassium gluconate pills and epsom salt here at home and I
read in Sears and Conlin's algae control article that the epsom salt is
a possible source of magnesium, they said nothing about
salt....magnesium sulfate is magnesium and sulfer if I am correct, no
salt.  I wanted to add some potassium in small amounts and thought the
pills might work.
I have Flourish but the potassium seems very low, too low I think.  I
remember reading in the archives about some one putting way too many
potassium pills in on accident, which I definately don't plan on doing!
I thought it might work as an alternative to Stump Remover.  I guess no
one has any idea what gluconate will do in a closed aquarium
system....fuel for bacteria I assume.
I do understand that this is a small system and only added one half of a
pill and will only add one half per week with my water change.  I
decided to only add 1/2 teaspoon of epsom "salt" per week only, I guees
that is OK...no one told me otherwise.
Please keep me posted on the wine yeast, I too do the DIY yeast co2 with
baking yeast.  I change it about once a week.  I have a 1 liter bottle
in which I put 1/2 teaspoon yeast, 1 cup sugar and fill up with water.
Works pretty good for the ten gallon...only one bottle for me to worry

Sean Meister (a.k.a....ADN  "another dumb newbie")
Missoula, MT