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Re: Aquarium Test Kitshttp://aquachem1.tripod.com/

In a message dated 9/12/00 3:55:26 PM, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< It seems as if every 
company that is well known or that is famous in the aquarium industry has 
their own brand of test kit out there.  My question is, which is the best 
aquarium test kit out there for freshwater aquariums?  Which is the brand 
that has proved the most reliable, the most accurate, and the most easy to 
use, and that also combines all of the rest of the positive qualities that 
aquarists look for in a test kit? >>

you might want to check out the following website--http://aquachem1.tripod.com
They currently only have evaluations for pH,ammonia,nitrite/nitrate & KH/GH 
available.They compare accuracy and ease of use for about 8 different kits 
for each type of test.