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Re: Profile Qustion: Are time particles normal

Rich is wondering about the particle size of Profile.

From my reading of the information available on the web sites I listed last
month, it would appear that it is quite possible that there are different
"sizes" of these types of products sold. The one that I and a lot of others
use is sold (at least here in Canada) as Profile Clay Soil Conditioner. The
material IS dusty, and should be rinsed well before use to remove the
"fines", but the partical size is fine for use as an aquarium substrate. It
is possible that what you bought is a finer grade. The irregular shape of
the particles and their low density of the Profile Clay Soil Conditioner
would probably help prevent their compacting and causing any problems down
the road. It IS kind of light, when compared to regular gravel, so it will
move around a bit if there is a strong current directed at it, but this
could possibly be counteracted thru the use of some larger "pebbles" strewn
over the top of the substrate bed (after you have placed your plants), or
just by making sure that your filter outputs are directed in such a way that
they don't disturb the substrate bed. Personally, I like the stuff, and I've
got some Crypts growing in it that seem to like it too.

James Purchase