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Re: CO2 Indicators

This morning's batch of e-mail contained a note from Shawn Prescott of
Aquarium Landscapes. It seems that he feels I have slagged his products. In
my eariler initial comments on CO2 Indicator devices, I noted that Aquarium
Landscapes sells what appears to be an exact replica of the ADA device,
which is hand blown glass and very attractive. I noted that it should be
available from either Robert H. or Dwight, as they both sell Aquarium
Landscapes products. I can't see anything here which Mr. Prescott could take
offense at. Certainly none was intended.

I have both the Dupla and the ADA devices. I have one or the other set up in
most of my tanks and use them as visual indicators of the pH (and thus the
amount of CO2 present). When I notice color changes, I investigate the
situation further, using an accurate LaMotte pH kit. That's is what (IMO)
these types of devices are for - sort of "early warning systems".

In my initial post, I commented that I cannot vouch for their accuracy. I'm
not a chemist and only know that a wide variety of indicator dyes can be
used in pH tests - some are more accurate than others. I don't know what
particular dye is used in either the Dupla or the ADA devices that I have.
So I  don't know how much faith to put in the devices. Place the stess there
on the "I".

Paul K. kindly followed up with some details on the stability and accuracy
of the indicator dyes. Seems that they can be depended upon more than I
initially thought, which is great.

But please note that nowhere in any of my comments on these devices have I
denigrated either the Aquarium Landscapes device nor the company's other
products. As I've never used the Aquarium Landscapes device, I could have
ealily left it out of my original post altogether. However, since it appears
to be so closely modelled on the ADA device, which I greatly admire for it's
beauty, and since both Dupla and ADA equipment are no longer available
easily in North America, while Aquarium Landscape products ARE, I thought
that it should be included for the benefit of anyone who would like to try
them out for themselves. Hell, I even referred to two possible mail order
sources for them (Robert H. and Dwight).

So, Mr. Prescott......... please don't feel that I've slandered you, your
company or its products. I was (and remain) very pleased to see someone
introduce an affordable line of small accessories which are physically
beautiful and serve a useful function. More power to you.

James Purchase