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Re: Live Plants

Bob wrote:
"Thanks for posting the pix; I had
forgotten what it was we were supposed to be talking about."

Errrrrr??????? The CO2 discussion, minus of course the personal venom which
some felt necessary to learn, was very instructive and bang on topic for a
list of this type. We might all be tired and winded by it, but we finally
have some real information with which to make equipment decisions, rather
than relying on "a friend of a friend says.....".

However, I would like to make a suggestion to whoever posted a message
signed as "sruth cience", and that is this: either have the balls to sign
your posts with your real name or don't even bother to post at all,
especially to slag a well respected and long time list member like Dave.
Only a coward hides behind a "handle" when pulling a stunt like that. If
anyone is in need of issuing an apology it it you....

James Purchase
(my real, honest to goodness name, not that goodness had anything to do with