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Re: Blue-green algae

> Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 13:39:16 +0800
> From: "Margaret Elford" <margaretelf at optusnet_com.au>
> Subject: Blue-green algae
> What is the best thing to do for blue green algae?
> Margaret

A while back, there was a thread on blue-green algae while I was in the
midst of an outbreak, and Dave Gromberg offered advice that I decided to
follow: apply a regular regimen of removing the offending algae and more
intense water changes. Originally, I had intended 20-30 percent water
changes every other day and removing as much BGA as possible at the same
time as the water changes, but between work and other things, those changes
came about twice a week. For about two weeks, the problem persisted and
seemed to worsen because the stuff began to come back more and more
vigorously, but I persisted as well, and at about three weeks, poof! no more
problem! (Notice I didn't say no more BGA ... If I sit and search for it, I
can still find some, but I definitely would not consider it a problem.) This
solution worked wonders for me, particularly since I don't use test kits and
don't feel confortable injecting "unnecessary" chemicals into my tanks. The
key: persistence and patience. As an aside, this tank has basically no
circulation, and in fact, I decreased circulation in the midst of my battles
with BGA.