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Re: CO Toxication

Casey wrote:
"You requested info from me through your private email and I
responded by sending you directly the web pages what you have
requested. Since all the info are there (you should be able
to see the useful info with your Web Browser) and as I was
in a hurry to go out for an appointment, I did not write any
brief msg."

<<< blush >>>

Yes, I realized several hours after I received those messages (and posted to
the APD) that they might be from you. As I told you, the size of the
multiple files caused a few problems on this end, but I (and my machine)
have recovered. Thanks for the pointers to the web sites that you had
mentioned, but all you really had to send were the URL's - the web pages
themselves kind of sent my CO2 levels through the roof..... hehehehehe

Thanks again - the material you had posted earlier indicates that you know
this stuff.

James Purchase