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CO2 Toxication

Hello James,

You are showing signs of CO2 toxication related to your
planted tank.

You requested info from me through your private email and I
responded by sending you directly the web pages what you have
requested. Since all the info are there (you should be able
to see the useful info with your Web Browser) and as I was
in a hurry to go out for an appointment, I did not write any
brief msg. Sorry about that. 

Don't worry too much about CO2 for your tank. Relax and enjoy
the hobby.  

If you reduce CO2 intake, I am sure it would also reduce your

Casey Huang

>Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 23:45:55 -0500
>From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
>Subject: Attention: yhplsing at magix_com.sg
>Someone with the e-mail address yhplsing at magix_com.sg recently sent me 3
>unsolicited emails containing the complete home page for a compressed gas
>outfit in Mississauga. Considering the recent CO2 thread, it's likely that
>the sender is an APD listmember.
>If anyone wants to pass any info to me, a short, brief message will
>suffice - I don't need nor want HUGE unsolicited messages, especially not
>ones which come in MULTIPLES.
>James Purchase